Group Members

I'm starting my group at Jiao Tong university and have just assembled my first team of postdocs and students.

  • Postdocs:
    Dr. Matthew Fong (PhD from U.T. Dallas), September/2019-present, projects: halo boundary and bias
    Dr. Carles G. Palau(PhD from Univ. of Barcelona), joining in 2021/09, projects: Milky Way streams
  • PhD students:
    Hongyu Gao (Jointly supervised with Yipeng Jing), working with me on subhalo lensing
    Qingyang Li (Jointly supervised with Xiaohu Yang), working with me on cluster dynamics

    Rui Shi, jointly supervised with Wenting Wang, working on stellar halo

    Feihong He (BSc from Sichuan University), 2020-present,

    project keywords: subhalo dynamical structure, warm dark matter simulation

    Zhenlin Tan (BSc from Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics), 2020-present, .

    project keywords: weak lensing, mock building

    Yifeng Zhou (BSc from Wuhan University), 2020-present,

    project keywords: largescale distribution of halos, assembly bias, halo formation

    Yanrui Zhou (BSc from SJTU), 2021-

    project: machine learning study of halo-satellite connection

    Mingtao Yang, (BSc from Sichuan Univ.), 2021-

    project: simulating the depletion radius

    Wenkang Jiang, (BSc from Wuhan Univ.), 2021-

  • Undergraduate students:

    Linqian Zeng , 2nd yr, Zhiyuan College

  • Past members:


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